Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Hippie Grandpa

We’re getting down our boxes from the attic filled to the brim of Christmas decorations, utensils, and supplies to prepare for the holiday season. It seems like all season we’re preparing for one day. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding what you’re going to get for each person on your list. Especially if you enjoy giving others gifts. We’ve put together this gift guide for the hippie grandpa in your life. We know you’ll find something he will love!

Book a Trip

Most hippies enjoy peace, comfort, exploring and adventuring. The best way to do that is to explore the world. There are many hippie towns throughout the United States that you can book a weekend getaway trip for grandpa to go to. If you have a close relationship, grab yourself a ticket too and make it into a bonding trip. We all know that your grandpa would love that. According to a quick Google search, Arcata, CA is the top place for hippies to go and visit. It’s a calming place filled of other like-minded individuals that enjoy the serenity of the ocean waves crashing into the sand on the beach.

Best-Selling Peace Pendant with Piece of Woodstock Stage Wood 

The Peace Pendant gives your recipient the gift of always being able to be close to Woodstock. It’s encased with pieces of the original and authenticated stage from the 1969 Woodstock Festival. You’ll be able to choose between bronze or silver for your metal on your special gift. Plus, knock two people off your list with the Buy 1, Get 2nd for 50% off! Just add “PEACEBOGO” at checkout to receive your savings. This pendant is sure to be the topic of conversation each time it’s worn. And, what a great conversation starter it is!

Rock N’ Roll Grandpa Tee

You’re sure to fill grandpa's heart with a lot of love when you gift him this Rock and Roll Graphic Tee. The vintage design features a guitar and pick, great for concerts and parties. If you’re undecided about exactly what to get your grandpa, this gift will be a 5-star approval in his book. It’s the perfect tee for classical rock lovers and hippies.

Unique, personalized gifts always make the recipient feel extra love. That’s why we added this super cool customized soundwave home decor piece. You can personalize this piece to include a favorite or important song. Then, they’ll create an eye-catching piece that they can add to their home or office. Additionally, you can play the audio on your device with your smartphone camera. Equipped with a QR code, simply scan and listen! This gift is sure to catch the eye and leave a lasting impression.

Peace of Stage Cube with Piece of Woodstock Stage Wood

If you’re looking to really make an impact this year, look no further than the Peace of Stage Cube crafted with an actual piece of the 1969 Woodstock stage where legends like Jimi, Janis, and Jerry performed. They’ll get to actually own a piece of the stage from the most iconic music festival of all time. Measured at 9-square-inches, this gift is encased in a 3x3x3 acrylic cube for protection. It’s important to note that this casing can be removed for displaying. Each of these pieces comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a commemorative plaque. You simply can’t get much better than this piece for your Woodstock lover.

In Conclusion, 

As we stated above, we went and hand-picked each of these for the Hippie Grandpa in your life, so you didn’t have to. The holidays should be full of joy and laughter. We hope that this gift guide helped cross someone off your list!

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