Peace, Love, & Stage Acrylic Stage Frame

Product image 1Peace, Love, & Stage Acrylic Stage Frame
Product image 2Peace, Love, & Stage Acrylic Stage Frame
Product image 3Peace, Love, & Stage Acrylic Stage Frame
Product image 4Peace, Love, & Stage Acrylic Stage Frame

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Spread the Peace, Love, & Stage with this authenticated piece of the 1969 Woodstock stage, surrounded by rainbow colors with the concert dates and location, Peace of Stage logo, and a tamper-proof hologram certifying its authenticity.

Wood Size: 2-inches x .75-inches

 Plexiglass Frame Size: 4-inches x 9-inches

The stage piece is glued on the outside of this plexiglass frame. The clear acrylic portrait frame is free standing with the special Peace, Love, & Stage design set inside. It comes with Letters of Authenticity that also have the matching hologram.

Commemorate the iconic festival with your Peace of Stage!

Peace of Stage has been featured on,, Grateful Web, among many others!

Rock Music Fans Can Now Own a Piece of the Woodstock Stage — in Necklace Form!

Pieces Of Woodstock's Original Wooden Stage Are Now For Sale As Collectibles

Rediscovered: The Original Stage From The 1969 Woodstock Festival

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jonathan W

We love that we own an actual piece of the original stage, and have already found a perfect spot for it.

Jen R
Really Cool!

The first thing I did was run my fingers over the “peace” of wood. I spent my entire teenage years wishing I’d been born years before so I could have been at Woodstock. So touching something that was there…was pretty surreal to me.
This is a gift for my 20 year old, who also wishes she was there. (I give her all my cool vintage concert tees and 90’s hippie clothes so they have a new life…she’s my mini-me) She’s the one who told me about Peace Of Stage a year ago so this year she will be very surprised!
The stand is cool, sturdy and will be a great conversation “peace” in her room. I plan to have her bring it to family and let everyone touch one of my favorite peaces of history.
I also got her the small stardust bottle to put some in a locket and bring peace wherever she goes.
Very cool stuff!! I’d 100% recommend to anyone who’s on the fence about it. It’s DynaMIIIIITE!!

Josh Moseng
Christmas Gift

This will be my father's Christmas gift & I know he's going to love it as he was alive & I wasn't (he's 70 now & i'm 44), when Woodstock happened. I get goosebumps just looking at it & touching it. Probably have to get 1 for myself.

Very satisfied

I’m pretty sure Jimi Hendrix stood on my peace of the stage. The truth is, it doesn’t really matter what part of the stage mine came from.

Troy Tabor
Love It

Very nice love it. Show it proudly on my desk

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