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Peace of Stage Treehugger Frame

Product image 1Peace of Stage Treehugger Frame
Product image 2Peace of Stage Treehugger Frame
Product image 3Peace of Stage Treehugger Frame
Product image 4Peace of Stage Treehugger Frame
Product image 5Peace of Stage Treehugger Frame

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Own a Peace of Music History with our Peace of Stage Treehugger Frames!

Select one of the iconic images from the 1969 festival taken by a renowned rock and roll photographer to complement the authenticated four-square-inch piece of the original 1969 Woodstock Stage. This was the stage on which legendary musicians performed and was the epicenter of the entire festival. 

Peace of Stage Treehugger Frame Includes:

Frame Size: 17 x 10 inches

TreeHugger Frames: The ONLY Truly Eco-Friendly Frame

1.5 x 2.7 (4 Square Inch) Authenticated Piece of the 1969 Woodstock Stage

Your Choice of Iconic Festival Image (Colorful Stage, Jammin' on the Stage, and View from the Stage)

Peace of Stage Logo and Tamper Proof Hologram

Letters of Authenticity

Peace of Stage has been featured on People.com, Grammy.com, Grateful Web, among many others

Rock Music Fans Can Now Own a Piece of the Woodstock Stage — in Necklace Form!

Pieces Of Woodstock's Original Wooden Stage Are Now For Sale As Collectibles

Rediscovered: The Original Stage From The 1969 Woodstock Festival

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

This was the perfect gift!

Eric Young
Amazing piece of music

I received my piece of stage today and I am absolutely taken back. I am from Monticello and have been going to the site for many years before Bethel Woods. As teenagers we used to go to the site every year on the anniversary and camp out in woods or on Yasgurs dairy farm which Roy Howard who used to own the beer store in Monticello owned. Just to think that this stage was uncovered after all these years is a gift from the heavens. Thank you for sharing this history and amazing story. Without you we probably would’ve never known the location. Just knowing that I own a piece of music history is an absolute blessing

Tim Hellman

Great picture and the piece of the stage was so good.

Mary McPhee
A Treasure

More than thrilled with the “View from the Stage” in the Tree Hugger frame, which has the actual piece of stage exposed, so that I can actually touch it. This is one of my most treasured possessions.

Lisa Schnaidt
Peace, Love, and Woodstock

Woodstock has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have a piece of it! Framed and mounted beautifully the Treehugger is hanging in my home office where I look at it daily. But my favorite part
Is that the wood stage is exposed! Yes, I touch it every time I walk by it. Genius to have it exposed! By far my favorite piece of rock

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