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**BUY 1 Peace Pendant. Get 2nd Pendant 50% Off**
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Always have a piece of Woodstock magic around your neck and close to your heart, with our Peace Pendant, that is encased with a piece of the original and authenticated stage from the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

Wood Size: 3/16" thick and 1.2 in diameter.

Pendant Size: 44 x 33 x 9 millimeters

Pendant Color Options: Silver or Bronze (Color Plated Metal Alloy)

Every Pendant will include a tamper-proof hologram on the back, as well as on the Certificate of Authenticity that accompanies the pendant.

Bring the Woodstock magic everywhere you go with this limited edition Peace Pendant, and cherish the memories of the most iconic music festival of all time. 

Featured on,, Grateful Web, among many others!

Rock Music Fans Can Now Own a Piece of the Woodstock Stage — in Necklace Form!

Pieces Of Woodstock's Original Wooden Stage Are Now For Sale As Collectibles

Rediscovered: The Original Stage From The 1969 Woodstock Festival

Customer Reviews

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Jackson Longcrier
I got my pendent and love it

It looks and feels great, and you get to have a piece of history with you. Its a great story piece, and it really does bring peace and good vibes around with you.

A hippie just like my momma was

My momma always told me about Woodstock. She was a baby boomer that loved all the music. When I was 5 in 1996. She made sure every sports practice she took me to. I listen to Woodstock music in the car. As I grew as young adult. She made sure every anniversary of Woodstock we would celebrate. Documentries, the movie. The music, she use to tell me, her and her friend were 14, and her other friend who was 18 was the driver. They had planned to drive to Woodstock of 69. But her friend the driver was drafted to Vietnam. She never heard from her friend again. Thinking he was killed in war, or messed up from the war. So her and girl friend would sit on beach listen to the music and take acid with her beach buddies. I would tease my mom saying if you took acid I can get a tat lol. She def hushed about that lol. Sadly my mom passed away in 2021, I made playlist of her her favorite oldies. Including Woodstock music. I feel her when I listen to it. I dress hippie and fully embrace it. Always felt like I had hippie heart like my momma. She taught me so much of the hippie era. Saying she was one to. She was till day she passed. I had something missing. Even though I had her music. I felt like something was missing. I wanted be there so bad in past. So I came accross this site. Figure it’s to good to be true. I though no, it’s fraud. No way they sell parts of stage to fans. Then I watched the documentary. I was crying. Felt my mom with me. I showed my dad he had tears saying “ yup your mom would get that necklace. Well my birthday just passed day ago July 31. I GOT THE PENDANT!!!!!!!🙌🏽🙌🏽💜🧡💛💚💙💓💗❤️☮️. I feel my mom. I feel like I was at Woodstock, I screamed of happiness and said “ look momma we got Woodstock with us” thankyou so much to this company. Thankyou for letting me carry this gift. I love it so much.

Austin Ryter

Really cool! Quality isn’t quite as I would have hoped it would be

Give Peace A Chance!

I purchased two peace signs and the Stardust pendant. To own a Peace, lol, of history from a very special time is truly food for the soul. Thank you soooo much for doing this. Peace and Love, Rich


great idea to make these products available to people.

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