Camp Winnarainbow "Rainbow Stage" Campaign

A note from Winnarainbow Director Yatiel Owens:
We are so honored to be a part of this amazing Peace of Stage project. On so many levels the connections between Woodstock and Camp Winnarainbow are strong. Obviously, there is the connection of the Hog Farm, Wavy Gravy and Jahanara directly as well as Stan Goldstein who brought the Hog Farm and Woodstock together. Wavy and Jah’s story and philosophies are the foundation of the work we do at Camp – carrying on the spirit and wisdom of Woodstock into these next Generations.
This past summer Wavy and Jah told their story of Woodstock to the Campers as a part of one of our All Nations Day.

One of the ways the spirit of Woodstock is alive at Camp Winnarainbow is through our strong commitment to bring together a community of socially conscious teaching artists and our camper’s from every walk of life in an inclusive, accepting environment. Together we utilize our creativity, diversity and passion to explore how we can rise to the challenges we face today. This is Wavy and Jah’s Legacy.
Stan Goldstein did not build the Woodstock stage per say. But they did call him the “Holy Ghost” of Woodstock. He officially says his title was “Chief of Staff and Primary Recruiter/Headhunter for Woodstock” - that’s how Wavy and the Hog Farm boarded an AstroJet and arrived to be the Please Force, run the free kitchen, and so much more. In this short 2m video Stan explains why he gave away all of the jobs at Woodstock that he would have wanted:
Stan Goldstein – Holy Ghost of Woodstock – talking with KO and da Handyman
(video credit da Handyman, 2m 26s)
For over 20 years Stan arrived in Laytonville every summer, often recruiting other sound and lighting professionals, to build and set Camp’s Winnarainbow Stage. He mentored many of our Camp staff, including our current Operations Manager, in Stage Management, Sound and Lighting. The Rainbow Stage is central to our Work and our learning at Camp.
Camp’s one and only Kickstarter in 2015 raised the money to refurbish the Rainbow Stage. We currently have seed money to complete the 2nd phase of the project: the Lighting Truss. We are hoping to complete Phase 2 of the Rainbow Stage this year, 2020 (Camp’s 45th Anniversary!).
In Memory of Stan Goldstein from Wavy and Camp Winnarainbow
Every dollar donated through Peace of Stage will be used to continue our work to create a peaceful, sustainable and harmonious world. Your dollars will be turned into scholarships through the Grace and Joy Scholarship Fund and to keep the Rainbow Stage alive. From our Stage to your Stage, thank you for continuing the love! p.s. send your kids to Camp and we have Adult Camp too!
Peace of Stage is so happy to partner with Wavy and Camp Winnarainbow on this campaign to help refurbish the Rainbow Stage and make sure Camp is possible for every child. The 1969 Woodstock Stage was the focal point of the festival, and such an important part of the spreading of Peace and Love, and we are honored to be able to use this stage to help fund another stage for children to share their love for music, creativity and to put their good where it does the most.

In loving memory of Stan Goldstein

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